Autex 3D Wall Tiles


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3D Wall Tiles are elegant, high-performing, acoustic wall art designed to provide effective acoustic control for any interior environment.

Tiles supplied with 1 standard tile clip per tile.
All designs of 3D Wall Tiles come in packs of 6 except for the S-5.50 which comes in packs of 12. See Specifications for coverage. Install as per 3D Tile Install Instructions.

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3D Wall Tiles are our stylish and high performing version of wall art. In packs of 6 that include all the fixings you need to install, our lightweight and semi-rigid 3D Tiles are super easy to put up all while giving you the freedom to mix and match both colours and styles. With 15 colours in eight different designs, you can create a feature that reflects your own style and environment. But they don’t only look good, they are high performing as well; specifically designed to reduce and control echo creating a more focused and productive space. Just like the rest of the interior acoustics range, durability, longevity and performance are assured.



Product Names: 3D Tiles S-5.26, S-5.28, S-5.32, S-5.34, S-5.37, S-5.46, S-5.50, S-5.53
Composition: 100% Polyester Fibre (PET)
Tile Dimensions: 575mm x 575mm [S-5.46, S-5.28, S-5.32, S-5.34, S-5.37, S-5.53] 498mm x 575mm [S-5.46] 288mm x 575mm [S-5.50]
Tile Tolerance (+-0.5mm) (+-0.5mm)
Tile Depths: 80mm [S-5.26], 58mm [S-5.28, S-5.34], 50mm [S-5.32], 140mm [S-5.37], 60mm [S-5.53] 120mm [S-5.46], 55mm [S-5.50]
Depth Tolerance: (+-0.5mm)
Weight 1680 GSM
Coverage: S-5.46 covers 0.85m2 [per pack], S-5.32 covers 1.56m2[per pack], all other designs cover 1.98m2 [per pack].
Items per pack: All designs of 3D Wall Tiles come in packs of 6, except for the S-5.50 which comes in a pack of 12.


• Decorative and functional acoustic tiles for residential, office, education, retail, hospitality and commercial interiors

• Minimise noise in the interior environment and create unique finishes and features

• Easy dry clip system for installation