Limos Slimline is a partitioning system that presents a sleek and minimalist design for single layer central glazing.

Renowned for its cost-effective appeal, Limos Slimline is extensively utilized in commercial office spaces, embodying both style and efficiency. This system includes our patented 25mm trim / stick-on transom with glue and double-sided tape rebates allowing for flush fitting on any surface.

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  • Compatible with all ASL partitioning suites.

  • Accommodates 10.38mm laminated glass.

  • Specifically designed for ceiling heights under 2.8m.

  • Features a glazing profiles widths of 25mm and 44mm.

  • Complete with jambs, glazing bars, and mullions.

  • Can be utilized independently or in conjunction with ASL head tracks. 

LIMOS Slimline

Download files here:

LIMOS Slimline Profiles