Atlas Multilayer stands as a sophisticated multilayer partitioning system, unlocking a realm of possibilities by offering diverse sections that accommodate up to four layers of 13mm plasterboard, addressing a spectrum of acoustic requirements.

With our capping profile it is even possible to use 150mm stud walls and transition into glazing with our Hera 132 or Zelus 103 systems.

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  • Suited for both 64mm and 92mm stud walls.
  • Seamless integration with both the Hera 132 and Zelus 103 systems.
  • Allows for the utilization of multiple layers of plasterboard.
  • Features built-in 8g screw ports and staking bracket locators, ensuring an efficient and secure installation process.
  • Effortlessly accommodates up to 13mm glass.

ATLAS Multilayer

Download files here:

ATLAS Multilayer Profiles