ASL’s 92 Series has been widely used in the commercial interiors industry for many years but it’s time is finally coming to and end as it is being superseded by our new Hera 132 range.

ASL will be maintaining stock throughout 2024 for both new projects, and to wrap up existing projects, but we will be beginning to run our stock down towards the end of 2024. We have this web page up to make all our product information available for the 92 series so it can continue to be installed into projects throughout this year. As we get closer to the end of the year we will be looking to update any old 92 Series project specifications to our new Hera 132 range, with the intention of phasing out the 92 Series completely by early 2025.

For more information about the Hera 132 range visit our product page HERE.

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  • Suited to 92mm stud

  • Designed for high stud ceiling heights

  • 132mm wide and profile heights of 25mm to 44mm

  • Easily accommodates 12.38mm laminated glass

  • Built in screw ports and staking bracket locators

  • Negative detail options available

  • Seismic head track option available

  • Range of options for mullions, transoms & door frames

92 Series

Download files here: